Zero Waste Approach

We reuse farm waste and thereby practice circular economy in our plants. This not only helps reduce our carbon footprints but provides additional revenue streams and reduces our overall operational cost.

  • We use our own farm waste as the boiler fuel, eliminating fossil fuel requirement for our plants
  • We extract high quality essential oils from farm waste which not only reduces stubble burning but also provides smallholder and marginal farmers additional income
  • We use farm waste to value-added by-products like energy briquettes and compost – used in our own operations plus provides secondary revenue stream

So far, we have recycled 2,651 MT of farm waste and prevented use of 4000+ MT of wood in our plants and 383 MT of chemicals in our farms.

End-to-end Quality Assurance

We have implemented an end-to-end quality assurance process including multiple checkpoints in our farms and plants to ensure that we consistently produce superior quality ingredients.

Each batch of our essential oil across our different plants meets established quality standards and specifications. Our QA process delivers same purity, potency, and composition of the oil to our customers consistently.

End to End Quality assurance | Quanto Agro


Shahada, Maharashtra


Amalner, Maharashtra

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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